DBML Generator Plugin
Plugin for creating XML for «LINQ to SQL» ORM
Solution Publish Command
This plugin handles publish events that is hidden inside Microsoft Visual Studio
Browser Plugin
Plugin added feature to launch and automate Trident (MSIE) from inside of the host application.
Network Plugin Provider
This plugin provider implements the ability to download and update plugins from remote server
Memory Plugin Provider
This plugin provider will load assemblies to memory and after that will load them to current AppDomain
System Tray Plugin
Plugin to add application to system tray
Empty Kenel Plugin
Empty kernel plugin for launching host SAL Host Dialog and SAL Host MDI.
Timers Plugin
Timers storage for service infrastructure. This is a core component for each service infrastructure where you need to invoke any process after some time.
.NET Compiler
.NET code compiler that allows you to compile code on the fly and use it as a script in supported plugins
RDP Client Plugin
Переделанное приложение RDCMan
Winlogon Plugin
Plugin for notification about user login or logout from Windows
File Domain Plugin Provider
Plugin provider using separate AppDomain to scan assemblies and transfer valid plugins to primary AppDomain
NuGet Plugin Provider
Network plugin provider with NuGet loading feature
Members Plugin
Show all available public members of plugins. This plugin is useful if you need to know what public members are available and how to use them.
File List Plugin Provider
Plugin provider using XML file to specify assemblies and instances to load
SAL Host EnvDTE (Microsoft Development Environment)
Host working as Add-In for Microsoft Visual Studio.
SAL Host Windows Service
Host based as Windows Service application
WCF Server
Plugin to call other plugins remotely
DeviceIoControl Plugin
Частичная обёртка для вызова Win32 API метода DeviceIoControl
WS/WCF Test Client Plugin
Тестирование Web или WCF сервисов. Переделка из WCF Test Client идущей вместе со студией.