SAL Host MDI [Avalon]
MDI interface based on WPF Avalon MDI component.
Certificate utility plugin
Plugin to create or convert certificates
APK (Android Package) Image Info Plugin
Reading packed Android applications. Allows unpacking apk, Davlik (.dex), ELF (.so), JavaClass (.class), Android XML (.xml), Android Resource (.arsc)
Port Test Client
Port test client plugin
SAL Host Dialog [Lite] (Dialog based Interface basic version)
Basic dialog based interface to quickly open any plugin with UI.
Dependency Analyzer
Graphical view of all referenced assemblies & libraries. Also it can show unreferenced members of shared assemblies.
Configuration Plugin
Plugin to change the settings of other plugins. Moved to a separate object to improve scalability. The plugin is available in the menu: Tools→Plugins
Configuration Http Plugin
Plugin to change the settings of other plugins, through the browser, through the menu - no access.
ByteCode (JVM class) Info Plugin
UI for compiled classes created for JVM
PE Image Info Plugin
UI for PE, PE+ и .NET CLI
ELF Image Info Plugin
UI for Executable and Linkable file format
Reflection Search
Plugin to search in structured data using reflection
XML Tools Plugin
Basics tasks with XML format: XPath, XSLT, XSD
SQL Settings Provider
Settings provider based on Microsoft SQL Server
Timer Compiler
This is a GUI wrapper for plugin Timers Plugin and .NET Compiler. As a result by writing code in the runtime compiler plugin it can be run within the interval of the selected timer. And if in short then all the settings come down to:
SQL Assembly script Plugin
Plugin will automate task converting .NET assembly for MSSQL from binary format to SQL script
Single Instance Plugin
The plugin allows you to limit the application to a single instance. If a similar downloaded application is found exists by a command Environment.Exit(0). .NET Remoting is used to detect a single application instance.
Autorun Plugin
Plugin will write registry entry to launch application when windows starts
Network Helper Plugin
This plugin is written for ASP.NET development
Solution symLink
Visual studio plugin which allows to copy shared files from external folder to local solution folder