DBML Generator Plugin


Plugin for creating XML for «LINQ to SQL» ORM

From the package Visual Studio contains UI plugin that can create XML for tables or simple stored procedures. But if stored procedure depends on flag or other input arguments then you have to fix DBML file by hands. If you have more than 2 or 3 stored procedures then this plugin will be very comfortable to automate this task.


Firstly to use this plugin you have to add connection strings to data source. To configure the plugin you need to open configuration plugin and select PluginDTE.DbmlGenerator.
In the text field you can specify connection string and in the ComboBox you can select data provider (I've tested it only with SqlClient Data Provider). After provider is selected, the connection string will be added to the list below with generated connection string name.


After specifying all connection string we can start main window from menu Data→ORM→DBML Generator. In the first ComboBox you can choose previously specified connection string and specify SQL command. After clicking on the button Invoke command → DBML resulting XML will be shown in the TextBox below. To see the dataset with resulting data you can switch a view by clicking Invoke command → Execute.

Last invoked SQL command will be saved and restored after application will be opened next time.

Plugin will store not only the last command but selected connection string.

Usage example




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