XML Tools Plugin

When working with data in XML format you have to deal with validation, selecting and data transformation. There are a lot of tools for performing these operations while they provide much more functionality than the current plugin but it's more than enough to perform simple and routine tasks.

Plugin menu is available at path: Tools→XML→[XSLT,XSD,XPath].

XSLT Tester

It's designed to check XSLT conversion on XML data. In the upper window you need to place XSLT and in bottom - XML and press the only button on the toolBar.

As the result of successful transformation on the right window will be produced transformed result.

XPath Tester

With this tool you can validate XPath selector and test in on data in XML format. Upper textBox is intended for XPath (MRUх10), lower textBox is intended for data in XML format. When you clicked on the only button in the toolBar we get the result of the selection through XPath in the right window.

XSD Tester

Unlike simple testing of data in XSD format the window allows you to generate XSD (using standard .NET tools) which complains data structure in XML format.

First toolbar button allow you to check data in XML format through XSD that previously specified in the left window. And second button allow you to generate XSD based on data in XML document.


  • XML — Default data in XML format which is used by default when any window is opened for testing.
  • XPath MRU — List of latest XPath which was used while testing XPath expressions.

Public methods

  • String ApplyXslt(String xml, String xslt) — Apply XSLT transformation to XML document.
  • String ApplyXPath(String xml, String xpath) — Apply XPath selector to XML document and resturn found text.
  • String GenerateXsdFromXml(String xml) — Generate XSD based on XML document.
  • void ValidateXmlWithXsd(String xml, String xsd) — Check XML document by applying XSD validation.



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