Network Helper Plugin

This plugin contains few utilities for web development.

  • Hash — Allows you to get a password hash using SHA1, MD5 or other supported algorithms
  • ViewState Decoder — Original author of this logic is — Fritz Onion. But his code contains a few errors related to working with proxies and processing more complex ViewState, that contains generics and custom data type from third party libraries.
  • Image to Base64 — Convert image to Base64 for add it to HTML.
  • IP Calculator — IP calculator and netmask calculator (It's more of a prototype than a finished product).

.NET Hash


ComboBox contains enum values from System.Web.Configuration.FormsAuthPasswordFormat and after clicking "Encrypt" button will be invoked above function. When enum value Clear is invoked, method will returns exception but I decided not to create any additional logic to skip this value. This function is a GUI wrapper for the method System.Web.Security.FormsAuthentication.HashPasswordForStoringInConfigFile(...).

ViewState Decoder


For a while I used original program written by Fritz Onion, but missing proxy support and complicity to transfer View State from private pages that working with AJAX requests convinced me to rewrite some logic of original author to justify my expectations.

Image to Base64


This function will convert images to Base64 format to simplify process adding images to HTML or CSS.

IP Calculator


At one fine moment I forgot how to calculate subnet mask. And instead of remembering, using and forgetting again a decided to write separate class.




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