Certificate utility plugin

This a UI wrapper plugin for BouncyCastle library with simplified methods to create certificate or convert certificate from one format to another.

Generate certificate

This function will create self-signed certificate for personal server or testing purposes. For example to subscribe to WebPush messages you need to use the HTTPS protocol and generate a certificate for it.

Convert CRT/PEM to PKCS#12

Convert CERT to CSR/PEM

Public methods

  • IEnumerable<String> GetAlgorithmNames() — Get a list of supported algorithms
  • Byte[] ConvertCertPemToPkcs12(Byte[] cert, Byte[] pem, String password) — Convert private key and X509 certificate with PKCS#12
  • Byte[] GenerateCertificate(String subject, String password, Int32 strength, String algorithm, DateTime from, DateTime to, params KeyValuePair<String, String>[] extensions) — Creating a certificate using the BouncyCastle assembly
  • KeyValuePair<String, String> CreateCsrAndPem(SystemCert.X509Certificate2 certificate, String algorithm, String password) — Convert certificate from CRT format to Certificate Request (CSR) format and private unsigned part of PEM certificate
  • Byte[] ConvertPemToPkcs12(Byte[] pem, String password) — ???



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