Port Test Client

This plugin was made to test opened or closed ports on remote server. The main goal was to create server groups and opened ports groups.


To use this plugin you need to add server and after it add port range for testing. If you will not port range the test will be performed for all ports on the server starting from 1 to 65 535. If you want to test port range than add them with separator like: «{0}—{1}».

Moreover you can add servers group to split servers by groups. For example: QA, Test, Development and Production environments.


All configuration is related to logging messages to Trace output:

  • Log errors False — Log connect errors while testing ports.
  • Log message format False — Message that will be shown in the Trace output on test finished. Predefined values:
    • {IPAddress} - Server IP address
    • {Port} - Server port that was tested
    • {ServerName} - Server name
    • {ServerComments} - Comments on the server node
    • {PortComments} - Comments on the port node
    • {IsConnected} - Is connection succeed
    • {Status} - Check port status
    • {Elapsed} - Spent connection time
  • Log port state All — Log ports with status




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