Timer Compiler

This is a GUI wrapper for plugin Timers Plugin and .NET Compiler. As a result by writing code in the runtime compiler plugin it can be run within the interval of the selected timer. And if in short then all the settings come down to:

  1. Selecting already created compiled method or create a new one
  2. Selecting created timer which will launch method
  3. Setting a flag — launch on application start

This plugin is convenient when you need to run some code with the required time interval, but do not need to write a separate wrapper. This plugin does not have separate user interface and configuration is done through Plugin.Configuration. Compiled methods for this plugin will be available only for this plugin. That is methods for another plugins will not be affected.


  • Description: — Friendly name of a binding between timer and method (For orientation)
  • IsAutoStart: False — Launch timer when application starts
  • IsMethodExists: True — Check that selected method is exists in the compilation plugin (Read only)
  • IsTimerExists: True — Check that selected timer is exists in the timers plugin (Read only)
  • Method Name: — Method name from compilation timer (When you click the menu item «Add...» or a previously created method, a compiler window will open to add or change a method)
  • Timer Key: — Key bindings between timer and method. (Binding must be unique)
  • Timer Name: — Timer name in the timer plugin (To create a timer you must select a plugin with timers)



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