Reflection Search

This plugin serves as an extension for plugins that support certain data retrieval methods. List of required methods and returns types. List required methods and required data types:

  • Type GetEntityType() — Get the type of the object that is used to search for the object
  • String[] GetSearchObjects(String folderPath) — Get an array of objects to search for
  • Object CreateEntityInstance(Object filePath) — Create an instance of an object to search through reflection (Expected type must be the same as type from the method GetEntityType), passing as an argument one element from the array obtained from the method GetSearchObject.
Search filters

Search form is located in the menu Search→Reflection

Search is working by OR rule. If at least one filter matched then object will be marked as found.

First of all you need to add filters for specific search object. For this press button with the filter image. On opened form you will see reflection of all members that are available for searching and will returns support data typed. Next data types is supported:

  • Boolean
  • DateTime
  • Enum
  • Integer (Byte, Int16, UInt16, Int32, UInt32, Int64, UInt64, Single, Decimal, Double)
  • String

Compare signs (If available)

  • == — Equals
  • != — Not equals
  • > — More
  • >= — More or equals
  • < — Less
  • <= — Less or equals
  • Содержит

After all filers are selected you must click on the button for selecting files to search. After the selected plugin reports on the user's selection of objects for search the search itself will start in the array of selected objects.

Публичные методы

  • Boolean Search(Object target, String path, String sign, Object value) — Search in object through reflection
    1. target — An instance of the created object, by reflection of which it is necessary to search (Not null).
    2. path — Full path with namespaces and classes and methods in which to search (Not null). (This parameter will obviously need to be rewritten, because it does not correspond to the standard Type.FullName. Example: ComDescriptor.MetaData.1'GetEnumerator().Position)
    3. sign — An equals or inequality sign between the value of an element in an object and the value to look up. Possible options:
      • Equals
      • NotEquals
      • More
      • MoreOrEquals
      • Less
      • LessOrEquals
      • Contains
    4. value — The desired value of the object

New version

UI with search result

First version

UI with search result




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